Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bighorn Wild and Scenic 50-Mile Run

Since finishing my first 50k race in August, I've been searching for my next big running goal: something to motivate me, and give some focus to my training -- and of course, a fun adventure to look forward to!

The answer came to me over the weekend: I have decided to run the Bighorn Wild and Scenic 50-Mile Run in June. I've been dreaming of running this race for more than a year, since reading about it in TrailRunner Magazine. Well, no more dreaming -- I'm going to run it!

The photo on this page was taken by Don Charles Lundell, who posted a gorgeous slideshow of the 2004 Bighorn Trail 100-Miler, the 100-mile Bighorn race, which takes place on the same trail. I must admit that his photos are part of what cemented my decision to run this race!

Registration begins in February, and you better believe I'm going to be checking the Bighorn website daily starting in January, to make sure I don't miss out -- I've heard this race fills up quickly! In the meantime I'll be putting in the miles to arrive at the start line prepared.

So . . see you on the trail -- in Wyoming, this June!
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That looks gorgeous!

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