Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fire in Griffith Park

Click on the map for a clearer view of this LA Times-generated graphic.

A fire is burning beautiful Griffith Park, that miraculous wild place in the middle of Los Angeles -- a place I love and where I often run.

I know, I know -- the grasses and trees will grow back, all will be fine in time -- but at this moment, when I see the photos of my beautiful trail-running home in ashes, it just breaks my heart.

The LA Times website has been posting frequent updates and photos, such as these:

Photo by Gary Friedman, LA Times

Photo by Spencer Weiner, LA Times

Photo by Genaro Molina, LA Times

A big thank-you to all the firefighters who are doing all they can to put out the fire.

See you on the trail -- once the flames die down!
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Blogger Jessica Deline said...

That's so crazy. First that fire near the Hollywood sign. Now this one. I'm glad it wasn't worse!

2:10 PM  

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