Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Urban Ocean

I took a run up Verdugo Mountain this morning, and after the first couple miles I encountered a sight that gave a new meaning to the phrase "marine layer." Below me, the thousands of houses and buildings of the city of Glendale were obscured by what looked like a vast ocean: the morning's marine layer, not yet evaporated away by the sun. The sunshine seemed to glimmer off the "ocean," and in the distance, the San Gabriels seemed to beckon to me as a far shore might call to a sailor.

The descent was less eventful; the many houses, buildings, and highways had returned. But I took many photos on the way up. Enjoy! - click on an image to enlarge it for better viewing.

See you on the trail!
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Blogger Michael Day said...

incredible pictures! when I first scrolled down the page, I in fact thought that I was looking at pictures of the coast. Great pay-off for a trail run.


7:25 PM  

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