Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The New Heroes of Marathoning

Photo by Fabrizio Costantini for The New York Times

Some wonderful articles have appeared in recent weeks featuring everyday people who are preparing for the US Olympic Marathon Trials. In the December issue of Runner’s World Magazine (currently on newsstands) a great article, “Unsung Heroes,” tells the stories of five Olympic dreamers who balance full-time jobs with their elite-level training.

Today’s New York Times features another excellent article, “Team Turns Unsung Runners Into Elite Marathoners,” tells the story of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, an ambitious program launched by the Hanson brothers to - in their own words - "breathe new life into American distance running" by sponsoring committed runners training in groups to prepare for the Olympic Marathon Trials.

Whether any of these runners make the Olympic team or not, their stories of commitment – demonstrated by the amazing way these time-management geniuses manage to work, train, and raise families - are a great inspiration to anyone, runner and non-runner alike.

See you on the trail!
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Anonymous road runner in LA said...

Fabulous blog!

Came across it today when reading about the Mt Baldy trail run. Will keep coming back!

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