Sunday, October 16, 2011

Munus Explendum!

One of the best benefits of working at a great engineering school is getting to know talented, enthusiastic students. One such student, Chad Bohac, earned his engineering degree this past spring and then set out on the Appalachian Trail, with a goal of thru-hiking it from south to north. A few days ago, he sent me this photo:
Chad at the summit of Mt. Katahdin, Maine.

Please excuse me while I gush with pride, but it's just so awesome that Chad finished, and even more cool to hear about the myriad adventures he enjoyed along the way. The people he met, the scenery he enjoyed, the days and days of eating PBJ and the monotony of the trail, punctuated by many instances of "trail magic" over the course of his hike... it was an incredible journey.

Chad's adventure is an inspiration to me, and in his last Appalachian Trail update he noted he hoped it would encourage others, too:
I hope to be on the other end of similar updates from some of you, in any adventures you may go on, whatever the scale, in the wilds of the mountains or the civilized jungles. May you never lose the spring in your step and the sparkle in your eye, and may you always walk stubbornly towards your goal, no matter how far away.

Amen, Mr. Bohac!

See you on the trail.
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Blogger Ean McCrystal May said...

Agreed, Ashley! Thanks for sharing!

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