Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Crosier "Triple Bagger"

It's springtime in Colorado, and for Fort Collins trailrunners, that means it's time for Nick Clark's "Crosier Triple Bagger," the traditional ascent of Crosier Mountain via all three trails. Though Crosier, at 9,204 feet, is not a very high mountain, the views from the top are stellar, and are a great payoff for all that climbing. I'm not in great shape at the moment, but it still felt great to get those miles (and vertical feet) in, despite how slowly I managed it; last year I only did a Crosier "double," so hopefully this is the start of a positive trend!

In Colorado, step one is always slathering on the sunscreen!

Sun coming up... looks like it may be a warm one!

Summit 1 (I told you the views were awesome!)

Summit 1 (Just gettin' warmed up.)

A glance back, almost to the top of summit 2.

Summit 2 (obviously, a bit more tired at this point.)

Catching my breath as I take in the views from the top.

Ooh, pretty flowers!

At last: Summit #3 (and much fatter fingers than on the first time up!)

Drinking in the awesome view one last time before descending.

One benefit of the out & back setup of the "Triple Bagger" is that I got to say hello to other runners as our paths crossed this morning...meaning that I got to see SO many great friends & runners out on the trail, even though I couldn't keep up with them the whole time. Thanks, all, and see you on the trail!

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