Friday, June 07, 2013

Run to the Rabbit Ears This September!

Some of you, having read my last post, which mentioned an awesome new race that will debut in 2014, the Silverton Double Dirty Thirty, may have visited that race's homepage and wondered about the "qualification standards (to be determined)" that race director Megan Finnesy mentions there. I was curious, too, given that ultras fill so quickly these days, and registration for this awesome new race (11,000+ feet of elevation gain, on 98% single-track trails with endless views since much of the course is above 11,000 feet elevation) will open in January I contacted Megan directly.

Though this isn't official yet, I will tell you she replied: "I am looking for an experienced ultra runner who has already run at least one hard, mountainous 50 miler. Something along the lines of San Juan Solstice, Run Rabbit Run, other words, JFK or Rocky Raccoon will not be qualifiers for this race."

Eager to qualify, and knowing that both Bighorn and San Juan Solstice were full, I rushed to the Run Rabbit Run registration page to sign up. It looks to be a scenic, challenging race, with about 8100 feet of elevation gain, unpredictable weather and a brutal 4+mile steep, quad-shredding descent at the very end. 30+ spots still remained in the 50-mile race when I signed up; if you're as keen to run the Silverton Double Dirty Thirty next summer as I am and you haven't run a tough mountain 50+ mile race recently, I encourage you to sign up and run it with me!

Hope to visit these rocky Rabbit Ears with you in September. See you on the trail!

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Blogger Slush said...

I am running the RRR 50, see you there!

7:37 AM  

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