Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Morning Run in Manatee Country

Any trip to an unfamiliar city is an opportunity to explore: to learn about its flora and fauna, its roads and infrastructure, its culture and people. This morning, awakening in Tampa, Florida, I followed the other runners I encountered as I left my hotel, and the running crowd led me along a bayside run on Bayshore Boulevard, a footpath known popularly as the "longest continuous sidewalk in the world."
On today's run I followed Bayshore Boulevard from my hotel (near the Tampa Aquarium) down to just past Ballast Point Park.

Being a trailrunner, lengthy paved surfaces like sidewalks aren't all that appealing to me, but I must admit this was a very fun run, Bayshore Boulevard packed with people despite the predawn darkness. The view over Hillsborough Bay as the sun rose, clouds changing a different shade of orange with each moment, was pretty awesome.
Sunrise over Hillsborough Bay, looking north toward downtown Tampa.

At numerous points along this morning's run, I saw signs warning boaters to watch for manatees, as they apparently like to swim near the surface, and don't move quickly enough to avoid being hit by fast-moving watercraft. I didn't see any of the bewhiskered beasts, though. Maybe next trip.
We're not in Colorado anymore, folks!

Have a happy Halloween, friends, and see you on the trail!
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