Friday, August 07, 2015

Cathedral Lake, Aspen, Colorado

I'm in Aspen for two days on a work-related trip, but while I'm in this gorgeous part of our state I thought I'd rise early to enjoy some time on a trail. The Cathedral Lake Trail was a perfect option: close to my hotel, a round-trip of only 6 miles...but in that short distance, a juicy variety of mountain scenery.

It was pretty dark on the ascent, but the sun was up by the time I reached the lake itself and I snapped a few photos on the way back to the car. (Click on any photo to view a larger version of the image.)

Enjoy...and see you on the trail!
Cathedral Lake.

The "cathedral" rocks around Cathedral Lake.

I cannot get enough of glacial lakes.

Looking back at the trail I climbed to reach the lake.

Next time, if I have more time I'll climb higher; the trail continues to Electric Pass.

On the way back down the trail.

The sun got intense pretty quickly this morning.

The wildflowers were amazing, given that it's already August.

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