Back on the Horse... or Should I Say, the Trail

It’s been more than a month since I’ve blogged about running, and it’s good to be back online. I’ve been struggling with an awful cold that just wouldn’t go away – but now, finally, I feel like I’m out of the woods – or perhaps, back into the woods, given that it’s trail running we’re talking about.

Until I fell ill, I was averaging around 40 miles a week. After about three weeks off, doing 25 this week feels like a struggle. Who knew I’d lose so much fitness in so short a time?

Even so, it is such a pleasure to be running again that I find I’m enjoying each trail run more than ever – savoring the scenery and the physical exertion as never before. And my running routine seems . . . well, less routine.

I’ve had ample opportunity to stop and take photos as I catch my breath trail-side -- and I'm rediscovering the beauty of the trails I run every day, trails that I perhaps took for granted before.

So please, enjoy these photos from a recent run on the Bridle Trail in Griffith Park – it was a gorgeous day and the rain has now made everything lush and green.


See you on the trail!