Dashing Through The Snow

Yesterday's run was a crazy, snowy adventure. I knew that snow was in the forecast, but expected it would start after I'd gotten my five hours of running in. Alas, the snow started to fall just as Sarah and I started running at 7 a.m. and only came down harder and faster, the more we ran.

One bonus of heading out when so many others are cozying up to the fireplace or settling in to binge-watch something on Netflix? We pretty much had the trails to ourselves. As we started out, we noticed headlights coming down the trail toward us...which turned out to be a guy driving a truck (with his dog seated beside him) who warned us it was "sheer glare ice" starting partway up. We thanked him and continued on our way. He probably thought we were nuts! We also followed the tracks of a hiker and her dog for a while, but didn't run into anyone else.

We were a bit concerned I might not be able to drive home, the snow was piling up so quickly -- around five inches in two hours -- so we cut the run short: about 2.5 hours of running rather than five. Still, we got in a lot of climbing, and although the slippery conditions make the run more challenging it was also a lot of fun.

Snapping a selfie is tough with an affectionate cattle dog in the mix!

See you on the trail!