Mysterious Motivation

The mental aspects of ultrarunning are such a mystery sometimes.

As I headed out on this morning's long run, I just couldn't get into it. My legs felt dead, my mind couldn't get into the groove, and I had trouble getting my steps into any kind of rhythm as I headed up the Horsetooth Rock Trail. I was feeling a little better as I descended Wathen, but on the way up Spring Creek I tripped and managed to scrape one leg and one arm up pretty well. My mood sank again.

I came very close to turning around right then.

As I dusted myself off and used my hydration pack to wash some of the grit out of my scrapes, I couldn't help thinking, "what am I doing out here today?" But then I realized, my mood was not likely to improve by cutting the run short. I decided to continue.

And then something funny happened.

Just by making that choice, to continue heading up the hill instead of turning around, something shifted and my run began to come together. My stride relaxed. My shoulders un-clenched. I began to notice how fragrant the forest air was. It ended up being an extremely pleasant run, and I'm so glad I stuck with it.

After all, if I'd turned around, I'd have missed this: a perfect September morning in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Wishing you all the motivation you need to enjoy every run you take. See you on the trail!