Old Gabe Training, Weeks 3 and 4: Snow!


The past two weeks of training for the Old Gabe 50k have been defined by one thing: SNOW! I didn't get as many miles in as I'd have liked, but getting out at all, given the weather, felt like something of a victory.

My Sunday morning ascent up Towers Road was icy cold, and unfortunately I didn't dress appropriately for it; my fingers were absolutely frozen because I'd worn gloves rather than mittens. I also didn't wear a warm-enough hat, so my ears froze too.

Such avoidable misery, and the truly ridiculous thing is, I know better!

Today's Towers ascent with Sarah went better, in part because of the "learning experience" of last Sunday. This time around, I wore mittens and a warmer hat... and what a difference it made! We did one ascent, and then, after descending for a while, decided to turn around and get a little more climbing in before heading home.

I love running in the snow. Towers Road, a trail I know so well, sparkles anew with each fresh layer.


Enjoy the photos, and I'll see you on the trail!