Join us in Making Strides for Anna!

Anna is such an awesome human being, and she needs our support.

Anna is such an awesome human being, and she needs our support.

One of the things I value most about the trail-running community in general, and the ultra-running community in particular, is that we pull together to help one another. Sometimes that means nudging each other along as we train for long races; at other times, we help out as pacers or crew. Sometimes it's as simple as offering a sympathetic ear as we cope with injuries, failure or other struggles.

Right now, local ultrarunners are banding together to help one of our own. Anna, the talented, beautiful daughter of sports massage therapist and ultrarunning badass Kristel Liddle, and Justin & Ruth Liddle, has been struggling with severe anxiety and depression that has required inpatient therapy at a facility in Utah. And as you can imagine, this isn’t cheap.

So what can you do? Run for money!

Local runners Michelle Hauger, Pete Stevenson, Colleen Weitzel, Ed DeLosh have organized a concentrated effort, called Making Strides for Anna, which is urging anyone and everyone to rack up running miles from 2/17 to 3/3, pledging a donation based on those miles. Encourage your friends and family to pledge a donation, too, based on the amount you run. I've pasted in the directions on how to participate below.

For this week's long run -- Week 5 of my Old Gabe 50k training, and to celebrate Sarah's 55th birthday earlier this week -- a bunch of us gathered for a long run in Horsetooth Mountain Park. So I've got seventeen miles in for Making Strides for Anna. Whoo hoo!

Let's pull together to help Anna and her family thrive. See you on the trail!

Making Strides for Anna: How to Participate...

Instructions for Runners:
1. Notify that you're participating as a runner by sending an e-mail to that says "Runner" along with your first and last name.
2. Reach out to your friends and family, asking if they'd be willing to make pledges in your name. If they're willing, direct them to the instructions below.
3. Run a bunch of miles over the two weeks from 2/17 to 3/3, keeping track of all miles completed.
4. At the end of the two-week period, send an e-mail to that says "Runner", your first and last name, and your total mileage.
5. That's it!

Instructions for Pledgers:
1. Notify that you're participating as a pledger, send an e-mail to that says "Pledger", give your first and last name, the first and last name of the runner you're supporting, and the amount you're pledging (see #2 below).
2. You can pledge a dollar amount per mile ($10/mile, $1/mile, $0.10/mile, whatever works for you!) -OR- you can donate a set amount. Every little bit helps!
3. At the end of the two-week running period, the fundraising team will e-mail you an invoice from PayPal, requesting your donation. Your donation will go straight to the family in need. No administrative cuts, fees, or insecure transactions.

After the two week running period, they're be a shindig to celebrate and hand out prizes to the top runners and earners!

If you have any questions, email
Thank you for your sweat, miles, and support!

Donations of trade are also being accepted to sweeten the prize bags. Email if you have any goods or talents to donate!

- The Making Strides for Anna Fundraising Team (Michelle Hauger, Pete Stevenson, Colleen Weitzel, Ed DeLosh)

This week's long run (Old Gabe training week 5: 17 miles with almost 4,000 feet of climbing.)