Errick McAdams' Meridian Hill Park Workout

IMG_20180413_080819 (1).jpg

I'm spending a few days in Washington, D.C. for some work events, and because hotels in D.C. are so expensive, I saved our organization a little money by staying in an AirBnB. And last night as I was poring over Google Maps to find any nearby scraps of green, I came across nearby Meridian Hill Park, and Errick McAdams' Meridian Hill Park Workout.

This workout, which packs a lot into a short period of time, was a perfect way to start my day, as I didn't want to get up TOO early (even rising at 5:30 felt like 3:30 Mountain time) to have time to explore trails that were farther afield.

The park has SO many stairs, so just running up and down those was both challenging and a lot of fun. And somehow, being greeted by Jeanne d'Arc at the top of each repeat was a humbling and satisfying way to finish. Coupled with the body-weight exercises Errick recommends, it was an invigorating, fun way to start the day.


Enjoying the flowering trees here in D.C., I'll see you on the trail!