Old Gabe training week 14: 5,700+ feet of climbing over 25+ miles


Weather and travel have made the past month challenging, training-wise. I've had four trips in as many weeks, and while I carefully blocked out days to get my long runs in, somehow I managed to have picked the snowiest days that landed within a stretch of otherwise sunny, gorgeous weather. It's like a superpower... but one that hasn't served me very well!

Finally, after weeks of frustrating runs, trudging up Towers Road in the snow, slipping and sliding, yesterday was a solid training run: about 25 miles with more than 5700 feet of climbing (I don't have exact numbers because my Garmin's battery died short of the finish). Sarah and I had so much fun and it felt great to get so much climbing in.


On the final climb yesterday, I was aware of fatigue creeping into my legs, but it felt good to be able to push myself in that way. And today, I'm sore, but it's a good kind of sore... the kind that I know from experience, precedes gains in strength and endurance.

Climb on, friends... and see you on the trail!